Tax Advisory

We perceive tax consultancy as a comprehensive service, ensuring that the client pays taxes and insurance premiums only in the necessary extent yet does not run his/her business with permanent concern about the outcome of a possible tax control. This includes representation before tax administrators and courts and the solution of cross-border tax issues within the EU.


Audited financial statements are not solely the privilege of large joint-stock companies with a turnover of hundreds of millions. Under acceptable price conditions, we will also carry out an accounting audit for smaller businesses.


Qualified accountants, top computer technology and office equipment and a large background of tax and accounting consultants allows us to cope with any type of accounting, starting with tax records of small entrepreneurs, to double-entry accounting of medium-sized companies and ending with accounting units under liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings.

Online Accounting

Acquiring and collecting the initial data electronically, processing the accounting by qualified accountants supervised by tax consultants. Continuous access to his/her data allows the client to work with receivables and liabilities and monitor the development of his/her economic profit/loss and print out his/her own outputs.

Portal of economic service

What do you gain from us with the portal Kodap P.E.S.? More intelligent bookkeeping with economic overhang, actual also during the year. You know, what happens in the company independent from your employees, You don´t have to buy any applications, you don´t need a manual and everything is clear to the layman or to experienced economiss.

Payroll Processing

Using a discreet system of payroll processing, we will implement fixed rules into industrial relations and release you from lengthy communication with the revenue office and social and health insurance bodies.

VAT Refund

Refund of VAT paid as a part of payments by Czech entrepreneurs in EU member states and tax refunds from the Czech Republic to entrepreneurs from other member states.

VAT Registration

We arrange the VAT registration of foreign payers in the Czech Republic as well as of Czech entrepreneurs as value added-tax payers in other member states of the European Union.

Management of subventions and their check up

We represent our clients, recipients of subventions during procedure of subventions by control bodies, especially by financial authorities of local boards.

Training Programmes

Our seminars react to the latest developments in the field of accounting, taxes and law.

Attorney and Legal Services

The associated Law Firm of Mgr. David Hejzlar, located in Liberec, specializes in commercial, tax and industrial law. It provides support for KODAP clients.

Business Transformations

We offer our clients the comprehensive management of transformation processes, within which we regulate cooperation with experts, lawyers and other professionals.

Economic-Organization Consultancy

We will help you to establish your company and prepare a business plan; we will optimize the structure of your business.

Consultancy for franchising systems

Are you the provider of franchising concept or its user?
Use our experience and unbeatable net of offices in the Czech Republik and abroad!

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