Online accounting

Accounting prepared once a month?

 Not everyone can afford to wait so long. Larger companies need a great deal of up-to-date information. It is also ineffective to keep manual records, with the accounting firm re-entering them into its program.

Modern technology has allowed us to offer a corresponding solution. It is represented by the service Online Accounting, connected with the accounting HELIOS Orange software from Asseco Solutions, a.s.. The service is suitable in particular for medium-sized and large companies. It makes supplier accounts available even to those accounting units, in relation to which it used to be impossible.

  Online accounting using the Helios Orange system


Online accounting


In the picture, you can see the principle of the whole service.

Extensive lines of documents (invoices, cash etc.) are prepared by the client's employees at their local workstations. They are not qualified accountants, as trained administrative staff is sufficient. Using a virtual private circuit, they are connected to our server, to which they save accounting data by means of automated account distribution. Our qualified accountant checks the data acquired in this way; she amends and books more complex accounting entries.  

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