KODAP ETL, s.r.o. Liberec
"We can also help you in the course of the year - with consultations and counselling in the field of accounting, the preparation of final statements and reports."

KODAP ETL, s.r.o. is a member of a KODAP group of companies, known in particular for:

Dozens of experts work within the KODAP group who, for the benefit of our clients, make good use not only of their experience from previous practice in the business sphere or revenue offices, but also the quality methodical background, that KODAP has been building since January 1994. The strength of a large team, beneficial for our clients is, inter alia, the fact that we can afford a greater division of powers and hence we have specialists available in individual fields of tax and accounting law.

What we offer:

Obligatory audit,

that is mandatory for a number of business entities by operation of law:

in case of financial statements:
- depending on the form of the business, amount of turnover or net business assets,

in other cases:
- when changing the organizational form, upon a merger or fusion,
- when changing the scope and structure of corporate stock,

Optional audit,

- in order to verify financial statements and the standard of management for owners and managers,
- when making a decision on the purchase or sale of the firm,
- in order to reinforce the credibility of the firm,
- this is also usually required by banks before they provide credit.

Method of work.

In addition, we will provide:
Tax consultancy
Economic-organization consultancy
Training courses
Keeping the accounts and tax records
Payroll processing

We provide auditor services in our office in Liberec.

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