Business Transformations

Corporate mergers and transformations of any kind are a demanding process requiring a number of specific items of knowledge. Legal regulation is not clear enough in this respect and it frequently admits contradictory interpretations.

We offer our clients the comprehensive management of transformation processes, within which we regulate cooperation with experts, lawyers and other professionals.

Reference projects are, for example, the merger related to the successor company Preciosa Figurky, s.r.o., division by splitting off of the companies Baltaxia a.s., JIPA s.r.o. a ABET HOLDING a.s.  In addition there are, for example, the division by splitting off with the establishment of a new company PM s.r.o., the transfer of assets to a partner of H.E.Investments s.r.o. and change of the legal form of the companies Technolen s.r.o. and Bohemia Club, a.s. In all cases, the projects were completed as planned, without significant problems and without objections from the state bodies.

We provide comprehensive realization of the projects, including the settlement of all relations to the revenue office and other administrative bodies. We also deal with a number of other complex projects, for example, the sales of businesses, transfers of shares in joint-stock companies as well as limited liability companies, the creation of registered capital using non-monetary investments etc.

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