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KODAP - this is comprehensive tax consultancy

We perceive tax consultancy as a comprehensive service, ensuring that the client pays taxes and insurance premiums only in the necessary extent yet, does not conduct his/her business with permanent concern about the outcome of a Possible tax control of the state authority.
Mutual trust between an entrepreneur and his/her tax consultant is a decisive prerequisite of success. Seventeen tax consultants from KODAP companies are well aware of this and they act accordingly.
It doesn't matter to which of KODAP offices you come to turn. We are used to being sought by clients who need to solve truly complex tax problems. We have created a functioning internal mechanism, that serves the client for finding a solution, verified by the relevant specialist in a short period of time.We offer:
  • Regular tax supervision over accounting, one-time controls
  • Guaranteed expert opinions, a basis for fundamental business decisions
  • Projection of tax liabilities
  • Tax returns within the regular as well as a postponed deadline
  • Studies and solutions in the field of international taxation, with quality knowledge of treaties preventing double taxation
  • Quality information about tax systems in most European countries
  • Numerous contacts for partners in these states
  • Support during controls carried out by the tax administrator
  • Representation before tax administrators as well as customs offices
We provide tax consultancy and other services in our offices in Liberec, Brno, České Budějovice, Děčín, Hradec Králové, Jablonec nad Nisou, Jihlava, Litoměřice, Mladá BoleslavMostPlzeň, Polička, PrahaPraha data, and Valašské Meziříčí.

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